"Christians serving our Neighbors"

Serving City of Ketchikan, Ketchikan Gateway Borough & Saxman
EIN #20-2913418
All applications are taken by phone, please call in during our client assistance hours. If you call and leave a message we are only able to return you call if you leave a local Ketchikan number.  We are not able to return long distance phone calls.  Deliveries of requested items such as food, diapers, households items and any other items are done on Thursday, Friday or Saturday.  Some services can be picked up by clients.
Monday, 11am to 2pm
Tuesday, 9am to 12pm
Wednesday, 1pm to 4pm


Home & Family Services
• Groceries
• Household Items
• Linen
• Baby Closet
• Toiletries
• Housecleaning
• Prepare/deliver meals for sick/elderly

Repairs & Maintenance
(simple repairs)
• Plumbing
• Painting
• Carpentry
• Garbage Dump Runs

Financial Services: 
Bus Passes - for those who are working, registered with job services and have regular dr's appointments
ID replacement 
Youth & Children Scholarships

Funding is available.  For these services the client will need to call to make an appointment.  Please remember if you leave a message we can only return calls to local Ketchikan numbers.
Households in rentals who may be evicted from their homes!
Rent & utility assistance for individuals and families who have an eviction notice or utility cut-off notice who have regular monthly income and have come up against unexpected situations.  All clients must be under certain income based on size of the family, apartment/utilities must be in clients name. 

Clients who are homeless at time of placement - homeless means living in a shelter, with friends/family, in a car/boat/shed or anywhere else that is uninhabitable.  We can NOT relocate an individual or family from one apartment to another.  To qualify for this assistance you MUST be physically homeless.
Client must have regular monthly income that pays all their monthly expenses once placed into new apartment.

Love In Action is NOT an emergency service, all services are performed after application is complete, verified, and all requested documentation has been provided.
Love In Action Services